Video Footage License Agreement Template

7.2 Compensation by FILMPAC. Unless the underwriter violates a provision of this agreement or other agreement between the licensee and FILMPAC, FILMPAC undertakes, subject to the provisions of this Section 7 and the restrictions set out in Section 8, to compensate, compensate and hold the licensee, its related companies and their respective senior executives, directors, representatives, representatives and employees. , free of any loss resulting from a third party right which: (a) the material of the film, as provided by Filmpac, violates, infringes or violates the intellectual property rights of these third parties; (b) the use of film equipment requires the purchaser to pay royalties or other royalties to a guild, association, union or collective corporation; but only to the extent that such claims are not excluded. This compensation does not apply to losses resulting from the continued use of film equipment after receiving the notification from FILMPAC or after the licensee or purchaser has been informed of the possibility that the film material may be subject to a third party request. Images and all derivative works containing the film should not be used, sold, sub-licensed, reproduced, distributed, displayed, integrated or provided in the form of templates, stick elements, effects or downloadable files. You cannot post a video on an e-newsletter, upload it in a downloadable form or make it available to another person via FTP, IRC, default file-sharing services, digital asset management system or others. Films and all derivative works containing film material must not be included, in whole or in part, in other storage media or products, libraries, collections or clips for distribution, sub-licensing or resale. These restrictions apply even if the footage has been significantly changed. (a) If the taker and buyer are not the same natural unit, the buyer is prohibited from using the film equipment in any way, unless the buyer is a licensed sub-licensee.

1.2 Sublicensings. The under-granter may only under-grant the rights conferred under this agreement if the taker transmits an aspect of the production, machining or distribution of the final product to a related person, organization or organization, and only as long as such an affiliate, a natural organization, an organization or an agreement with the underwriter implements an agreement that is legally enforceable at least as protective as the latter (a “sub-owner”). The licensee is responsible for the actions of all these sublicensings, including, but not only, non-compliance with Section 2 (restrictions of use) or any other clause or condition of this agreement. 10.8 “Footage” refers to the group that owns still images, films or filmed video recordings of FILMPAC, which are specifically identified in the buyer`s purchase confirmation email and online order confirmation.

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